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  FREE Award Program

FREE Customised Award Program - All on-line
New Long Service Awards and Gift program from Pascall Promotions

For in excess of 32 years Pascall Promotions has been supplying the corporate market with Gifts, Incentives and Long Service Award Programs. We have developed an on-line Catalogue system to handle such programs. One of the greatest challenges has been to keep the individual client’s product range up to date in the on-line system. In the past it was not so difficult as manufacturers generally changed their ranges every 12-18 months with some products remaining in the range for several years.

Times have changed. Retail market pressures for constant change and updates, fashion and demand has resulted in many constant changes to product ranges throughout the year from all manufacturers. This has resulted in a greater difficulty for our company to efficiently keep product ranges up to date for client programs

As a result we have been working diligently to provide the best possible solution to assist the client in product selection and order processing to be as efficient as possible accessing the current, up to date product ranges.

In particular, we have been working on a solution with the Seiko product range. Over the years we have found that the Seiko range has been the most popular of all products by volume in all the programs we have created. The gift of a watch has never lost its value.

We are extremely pleased to be able to present the most efficient system for Seiko product selection available in Australia.

The system we have created below is EXCLUSIVE to Pascall Promotions. 

Pascall Promotions has created an on-line based solution for the implementation of Long Service Awards and Gift programs to incorporate the entire Seiko product range that is up to date at all times with the current range of products. The system automatically updates each of our client’s exclusive, customised web based Catalogues / Shops with the current range of products by Seiko.

There are some fantastic advantages to this system eliminating many issues from the past that include:

  • ALL current models in the range will be displayed. Every product displayed is current and up to date in the Seiko range. No discontinued or obsolete stock will be displayed.
  • Greater efficiency in the processing of orders with the elimination of obsolete stock being selected.
  • Our seamless order processing system direct to the Seiko sales team, engravers and printers eliminates any delays in order processing.
  • The system has been designed, created, maintained and is EXCLSUIVE to Pascall Promotions.
  • Automatic updates to the product range flow through to each client’s customised website, eliminating the need for individual sites to be manually maintained during the year. Each site is automatically kept up to date, LIVE.
  • As standard offering the product range is split into 11 categories. Each category is designed to represent a client’s budget. The standard categories are referred to as Groups 1 to 11. Based on $100.00 increments in budgets starting at $200.00 to $300.00 for group 1. The client selects which groups to incorporate into their program according to the budget per category.
  • The entire Seiko product range is available for selection. As opposed to a small selection of products per category, allowing for greater choice for the recipient
  • The system will include, at times, pre-catalogue released products, providing product selections not found in any hard copy catalogue. Next release will be 1st February with 20-30 new products that will not be seen in any hard copy catalogues until August 2012.
  • Full product descriptions will be displayed for each product and will include details such as Gender, Type, Functions, Water Resistance, Case and Colour, Band and Colour, Dial, Markers, Crown, Glass.
  • Full colour hi-resolution images are provided for each product
  • Fully personalised Engraving and Dial printing is available with the ability to incorporate the client’s

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